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Last Tuesday, we attended the opening of The New Museum’s Triennial: “The Ungovernables”. It was our first time at an opening as “Babes At The Museum” so of course we lost all control and snapped away like crazy. As expected, there was a sea of babes in snazzy garbs and spiffy style shuffling through floors. More photos HERE.

Allese in front of Amalia Pica’s Venn Diagrams (under the spotlight) - Argentina’s dictatorship of the 70s banned “Venn diagrams” from primary school curricula.

Amanda listening to the controversial phone conversation’s of corporate lobbyist Nira Radia in CAMP’s ‘Act I: Swearing in Whispers.

Anya is a writer and editor from Vancouver. Here she is in front of South African artist Kemang Wa Lehulere’s Remembering the Future of a Hole as a Verb 2. 

Twins Augusta & Tallulah in front of the mahogany obelisk of Iman Issa’s Material for a sculpture representing a monument erected in the spirit of defiance of a larger power.

Brunella flew in from Peru to support her friend Rita Ponce de Leon who was exhibiting her ink drawings on paper in Acepto que nada es mio. 

Elena and Sari taking a break on art collective Slavs and Tatars’ PrayWay. 

Sarah and Neha conversing on art collective Slavs and Tatars’ PrayWay. 

All photos by Xavier Aaronson

More about “The Ungovernables” click here.