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We first met Brianna at the MOCA. She was doning a slightly see through sweater and some cheeky, lacerated jean shorts. Her bare-legged stance and winning expression was everything you’d expect from the youthful spirit of the West Coast. 

Brianna‘s flowing blonde locks and feline fragility were impossible to erase from our banana brain. So we recently touched base with the LA-based model to sneak an irresistible second glimpse of her unmistakably precipitous frame. This time, the photos were taken outside of the museum, way after closing hours. 

Brianna is a San Francisco-based model who is also a full-time student focusing on fashion merchandising. Her most recent escape was to the MOCA Transmission LA exhibition where she was spotted around Ara Peterson & Jim Drain’s Pinwheels installation. (Photo by Thomas Sobel)