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Diane was spotted at the Poetry and Dream exhibition at the Tate Modern. She’s French, has a fierce look, works in a Maison de Couture, and helps run the editorial of Chanel’s News Blog. Is that enough for you?

Anna comes to us from Paris. She combined all of my favorite things: canvas sneaks, weathered jeans, (what looks to be) a leather collar, and faux sasquatch fur. She’s also an illustrator with very cool works under her belt. (photos by Xavier Aaronson)

This is Julia at the Grenoble Museum in France with some signature Piet Mondrian’s in the background. Julia comes to us as the winner of Vice France’s “Best Babes in a French Museum” photo contest. If you reside in France or just zipped through some of the country’s 1,300+ museums as a tourist one summer, submit your non-creepy babe photos to batm@vice.com. Why a second winner, you say? Because most of you submitted some seriously stalker-like photos which slipped away from the whole idea behind BATM. Above is an example of how to approach someone and ask to take their beautiful portrait at a museum. It ain’t hard, creepos! (photo by Clément Ratier)