How does someone turn an unadoring color into one that I want to have a  torrid love affair with, just by applying it to one’s lips? Here I am, stunned standing in front of the Brooklyn Museum, totally conquered by Juliette .  She’s spending the next couple months interning at 3.1 Phillip Lim. So if you’re lucky, you may bump into her; because after all, NYC is actually a way smaller world than we all realize. (photos by Xavier Aaronson)

Marine at LACMA

Marine Buret LACMA in Océé t-shirt by Oceane Buret

Marine is a nice French girl living in LA with heart-exploding looks capable of leaving you with a ticklish burning sensation in your chest if you’re not used to eye contact with rare babes. Other beautiful things include Marine’s wavy tank top. She told me it’s called Océé and that I have to buy one. She’s probably right. For now, all I’ve got is a photo of her babeness in the tank at the LACMA.