We celebrate the love for camouflaged looks and discreet flair that navigate through the world’s most exquisite museums.


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We met Alex at the rotunda-shaped Guggenheim where she was checking out some of Christopher Wool’s pattern paintings. Her relaxed élan made her more intriguing than a lunar landing. More here

the museum is your runway. @giathejetsetter balling with her bowler art strut at @mocalosangeles #Swiss #UrsFischer #MOCA #losangeles 

Accidents happen. And sometimes they’re beautiful. @anniemonrovia at @mocalosangeles by @jrdfrnk #UrsFischer

women are like art, they’re made to be loved, not understood: @latiop at #EastSideGallery in #Berlin by @o_c_e_e #oscarwilde

Don’t let his line of work fool you. @schwartzberg spotting on-duty art lovers at #FriezeArtFair #regram

Museums can be an exquisite place for unlikely forbiddenness. (Marine at Musée de Picardie, photo by Bertrand Hazard) http://www.babesatthemuseum.com/nsfw/

Lisa at the Museum De Paviljoens (photo by Jonne Kingma)

More on babe and art here: http://bit.ly/14H27t2

Lena’s navy blazer, golden badge and cherry frames trifecta reminds us that preppy only works these days when it’s bred in Brooklyn. Beautiful and bad to the skeleton! (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Sometimes you make the antiquated choice to shoot all your party pics with expired black & white film but then you realize that the wait was totally worth it when the matte finish turns out extra crispy.

Here are some two-weeks-is-never-too-late photos from our 55DSL + Streaming Museum + Babes At The Museum party at Westway in Manhattan.

Special thanks to all babes, goons and snot-rockers for turning the party out.

Hey NYC!

Babes At The Museum presents… 
"Nordic Outbreak" after-party

Sat, April 6th @ The Westway (75 Clarkston St., NYC)
FREE Til’ Midnight With RSVP@BabesAtTheMuseum.com

21+, Doors at 8:30pm

DJ Sets by:



Drink Specials from 9-11pm

For more on the “Nordic Outbreak” exhibition: 

Special thanks to 55DSL/StudioFiftyFive.com 

I don’t know much about shoes but I know enough to pay attention to a girl’s flats if they feature cat ears and whiskers on them. Alexa Chung keeps it simple at the New Museum. She was spotted right before she hopping on Carsten Höller’s interactive Slide installation. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Just another Sunday at the Met with Camber. Here she is blasting a tropical vintage top in front of Kenneth Noland’s “October” painting.

Everything about Susie suggested relaxed radiance. Here she is in the Great Court of the British Museum in London.

Kicking off our #NordicOutbreak exhibition w/ #Björk’s “Mutual Core” video by @Andrew_T_Huang #TimesSquare

A pinch of skin got my last Instagram account shut down.

Starting from scratch is a most sucky experience!

Help me make let people know about my new Instagram account: @MUSEUMBABES