We celebrate the love for camouflaged looks and discreet flair that navigate through the world’s most exquisite museums.


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A pink beanie and turquoise high-tops say I’m the art world’s miscreant purveyor of chuckles and flare. Deal with it. When he’s not in his b-boy stance in front of a Richard Serra prow-like sculpture, he’s making tight videos and DJ’ing parties of insubordinate romp. (Photo by Xavier Aaronson)

There isn’t a color that Pari Dust can’t work with. Here she is garbed in a vibrant Stella McCartney sweater at the Konrad Lueg exhibition at the Greene Naftali Gallery in NYC. (Photo by Tylor Marquis)


the museum is your runway. @giathejetsetter balling with her bowler art strut at @mocalosangeles #Swiss #UrsFischer #MOCA #losangeles 

Accidents happen. And sometimes they’re beautiful. @anniemonrovia at @mocalosangeles by @jrdfrnk #UrsFischer

Don’t let his line of work fool you. @schwartzberg spotting on-duty art lovers at #FriezeArtFair #regram

When Berlin thaws out, fashion blogger heylilahey babes out without the extra layers http://bit.ly/13rsHph

Adele was surprised when we spotted her at the British Museum. She studies product and furniture design, carries a disproportionate black backpack wherever she goes and sports a yellow sheepskin vest that she “borrowed” from her mother who is a fashion teacher. Just babe’ing out, no big deal. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)


I don’t know much about shoes but I know enough to pay attention to a girl’s flats if they feature cat ears and whiskers on them. Alexa Chung keeps it simple at the New Museum. She was spotted right before she hopping on Carsten Höller’s interactive Slide installation. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Tainá combines my squeamish fascination for Louise Bourgeois and the undefeatable excellence of a little white dress. Here she is with one of Bourgeois’ colossal arachnids at the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo

‘Demoiselle Mandy stretches her phoenix wingspan in a Julio Le Parc installation at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. (Photo by Sabri Beny)

Just another Sunday at the Met with Camber. Here she is blasting a tropical vintage top in front of Kenneth Noland’s “October” painting.

Everything about Susie suggested relaxed radiance. Here she is in the Great Court of the British Museum in London.

A babeness fell over the audience w/ @solangeknowles at #moma #armoryshow 

Dear Alabaster Queen,

While I am no match to quench your fears of everyday phobias like spiders and heights, I can show you cool stuff like science and the meaning behind Disney’s The Aristocrats. What do you say? We ride?

Here is Ida Marie dodging child miscreants and bleary-eyed parents at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen.

(Photos by Mikkel Vigholt)